Trish Lynn, Health and Safety Advisor

This letter is written to express our satisfaction with the services provided by Apex Manufacturing New Zealand Ltd throughout the installation of two commercial sized roller doors, during normal operational hours at the Rotorua Distribution Centre. The two technicians that came to our site were very professional in their manner, arrived on time and active participants in pre-start meetings, which enabled the tasks they needed to perform to be worked around the necessary functions of both the Inwards Goods and Dispatch departments.

They were courteous and communicated extremely well with the team leaders of the above departments, which resulted in minimal disruption to themselves and our operations.

Apex Manufacturing New Zealand Ltd have obviously Invested well in both their team and equipment. This was evident to all as:

The technicians had a very good knowledge of the current Health and Safety Legislation and regulations, and were happy to provide all the required health and safety documentation, including proof of their training and licenses.  While here, they:

  • Used correct, good quality, well maintained PPE;
  • Complied with all conditions and controls in the SWMS and Permits; and
  • Completed log books and daily checks on their machines

The tools and equipment they bought onto site was:

  • Correct for the work they were undertaking;
  • Clean, regularly serviced and well maintained; and
  • Secured well for transportation between Auckland and Rotorua

I’m happy to recommend Apex Manufacturing New Zealand Ltd to anyone wishing to contract their services in the future.

Trish Lynn

Health and Safety Advisor