Apex Perforated Slat Roller Shutter Door

Apex Perforated Slat Roller Shutter Door

Apex Perforated Slat Roller Shutter Doors are an alternative to ventilated roller shutters, and can be used for the same or similar purposes. They are recommended for car parks, factories and warehouses where airflow is important as a result of the presence of engine exhaust gases or other fumes. Apex manufacture perforated slat roller shutter doors to suit many different situations and we customise for individual requirements.

Key Features

  • Enviroglide guide system with 2 heavy PVC strips on internal faces of guide (© Apex Manufacturing NewZealand LTD 2015)
  • Heavy-duty spring-assisted barrel eases the load on the motor
  • Aluminium bottom bar with heavy-duty weatherseal
  • Manufactured using 0.95mm galvanised steel slats


  • Presents a secure profile for your building entranceway
  • Vented slats are ideal where both security and airflow are important
  • Springs allow controlled descent in the unlikely event of a chain breakage
  • If an individual slat is damaged, it can be replaced without removing and repairing the entire door – & for a fraction of the cost
  • Greaseless operation means a cleaner, quieter door
  • Powered by Grifco®

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