Apex Aluminium Roller Grille

Apex Aluminium Roller Grille

Apex Aluminium Roller Grilles are especially suited for use on larger entry points of shop fronts, shopping malls, arcades and cart docks where security and vision are the key criteria. Also ideal for car parks where efficient airflows are required due to the presence of engine exhaust gases or other fumes.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from 19mm diameter anodised aluminium tube connected with extruded aluminium links
  • Captive guide system fitted with a polypropylene insert prevents metal-to-metal contact
  • Operation by either motorised gearbox drive or manual chain
  • Manual doors are fitted with a 2-way double-sided deadlock
  • Fixable or removable mullions separate multiple doors


  • Enables efficient airflow without compromising security
  • Lightweight, easy operation, with very strong build
  • Good vision from inside or outside
  • Powered by Grifco®

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